1) What do you use your mobile phone for? 2) Can you live without your mobile phone and why? 3) What other gadgets (apart from phones) do you find the most important for you?... 4) How many hours a week do you usually spend on your computer? 5) What do you use your computer for? 6) People of what professions need excellent computer skills, in your view? 7) How much time do you spend surfing the Internet? 8) How many hours a day are you online? 9) If you could use only one gadget, what would it be and why? 10) What jobs would you like a robot to do at your home? What else can robots be used for? 11) Do you find science fiction films interesting, why or why not?.... 12) How much time do you watch TV? 13) What do you prefer: watching TV or browsing the Internet, and why?

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