hotel location, availability of rooms, if there is any extra charge for room service, meals options, availability of price reduction for early booking, availability of courses, course duration, dates of course, what is included in course program, availability of students discounts, availability of tours, dates of 4-Day tour, cost of family package, if there are special requirements, if special clothes is needed, exhibition location, entrance fee, working hours, availability of students discounts, if it is necessary to arrive in advance, variety of students jobs available, if any skills or qualifications are required, what kind of introductory training is provide, salary prospects, how to apply, availability of table for 4 persons for Friday evening, if reservation is free, which fish dishes are on the menu, variety of drinks, who sings on Friday, availability of flats for rent, location of flat, what conveniences the flay has, public transport connection, availability of discounts if paid 1 year ahead, variety of courses on offer, availability of swimming pool, what joining fee is, possibility to freeze membership, availability of students discounts, whether Russian Airlines fly to London, availability of flight on 3d October, price for Tourist Class ticket, if there is any discounts for students, payment options.

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