Girl: My favourite subject is ____. I love drawing and painting Boy: And 1 ____ is my favourite subject. I like learning about the past. Girl: I love learning 2 ____. What’s ‘Vouloir, c’est pouvoir’ in English? Boy: I don’t know, but I can use my 3 ____ to find the words! Girl: In 4 ____ lessons we sing and play the guitar or piano. Boy: In 5 Science ____ we do cool experiments! Girl: In 6 ____ we learn about different countries. Look at this 7 ____ of Poland. Can you fi nd Warsaw on it? Boy: Yes, there it is! Girl: Have you got 8 ____ and a ruler in your pencil case? Boy: Yes, I have. We have Maths at half past eight. I need my 9 ____ ! Girl: We have P.E. today. Where are my 10 ____ ? I can’t find them!

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