moscow - the capital of russia, Hermitage - Museum of Fine and Decorative Arts, located in the city of St. Petersburg, monument - compositional center of the monument-ensemble "Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad", Mamaev Kurgan - a hill on the right bank of the Volga River in the Central district of the city of Volgograd,, Bolshoi Theater - one of the largest opera and ballet theaters in Russia and one of the most significant in the world., tretyakov gallery - The Moscow Art Museum, founded in 1856 by merchant Pavel Tretyakov., Monument to Peter I - the monument to the founder of the Russian Empire is the "Bronze Horseman", Artistic - Moscow cinema, located on Arbatskaya Square, Conquerors of space - On October 4, 1957, the successful launch of Sputnik-1 took place,

В настоящее время мы работаем над улучшением Кроссворд. Пожалуйста, помогите нам, предложив свой отзыв.

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