address issues - to think about or discuss problems and decide how you are going to deal with them, agree objectives - to decide with other people what things you or they should try to achieve, appraisal - a meeting in which an employee discusses with their manager how well they have been doing their job, assessment criteria - the standards by which sb / sth is judged, conduct an appraisal - to hold a meeting with an employee in order to discuss how well they have been doing their job, constructive feedback - criticism and opinions about someone’s work that are useful and helpful, rather than being negative or without purpose, development tool - something that helps someone to improve their skills and knowledge, so they can do their job more effectively, monitor performance - to watch and check how well sb is doing their job over a period of time, peer rating - a judgement of how good, popular, effective, etc. sb is by people who have the same status, performance management - the activity of checking and controlling how well people do their jobs in an organization, rate objectives - to give a score showing how successful you think sb has been in achieving sth they wanted to achieve, recognize good performance - to do sth to show that you think sb has done a good job, value judgement - a judgement about how good or important sth is, based on personal opinions rather than facts, express views - to say what your opinions are,

Business Result Upper-Iermediate Unit 15



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