True: It is cold today., Hares don't sleep in winter., Do you clean your teeth in the morning?, Bob paints better than me., Moles can't fly., My daughter is working at the hospital at the moment., Does Ann wear a skirt or jeans usually?, The theatre closes at 10 pm., It is going to snow soon., Are there two parrots in the cage?, A car has got six wheels., Who is the prettiest actress in these movies?, Let's buy a better stove than ours., Camels haven't got long tails., Let's watch TV on Saturday!, My brother understands me very well., My parents are doing shopping today., Is you sister a merry and kind lady?, Please, take a shower after your sport class., Where is a sink? I need to wash vegetables., Please, do not use the freezer. It doesn't work., They have got three sleds in the yard. Let's have fun!, Ann is coming soon. She is calling her uncle now., What colour is your celing?, All children like ice-cream, I know this!, I like to draw funny pictures sometimes., False: Tom has got a fastest cars., There are one letter on the table., Do you afraid of dogs?, Is there mice in the garden?, Can butterflies to fly?, My parents are leaving for Paris usually., Robert and Polly is drinking an apple juice now., Do the cat dreaming about fish?, Tom is a best dancer in the club., Do you want skip rope with me?, There is mirrors on the wall., Let's to meet at the railroad station!, I often do shopping in Friday., What do your want to be in the future? A writer or dentist?, I can not find a umbrella., Lake Baikal is the deeper in the world., The carpet is between the table., There are a fireplace in front of the sofa., Does the girl walking with her dog now?, He is eating pies every day., Where do I can find clothes in the shop?, Look in the picture! Is it nice?, Does she skiing every day?, I want try something else., Oh, no! This street is not the worse to live in this town., Do the whale live in the ocean?,



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