fuss (too much) over - pay a lot of attention to smth or smn in a nervous or excited way, butter (oneself) up - be very kind to smb, so that person will do what you want, vouch for - guarantee smn's good behaviour, shine through - be seen or expressed clearly, have smb down as - judge smn or smth to be a particular type or class of a person or a thing, bore into - when smn looks at you very hard and this makes you nervous, spill out (feelings) - talk about or express emotions freely, snap out of - force yourself to stop feeling sad or upset, hanker after - want very much, perk up - become happier, energetic, brim with - exhibit something (trait or emotion) to a great degree, work oneself into - make oneself feel very upset/sad/nervous and etc, take (smth) out on smn - treat someone badly because you are upset or angry, crack up - to laugh loudly; to cause to laugh loudly, lash out at (smn) - speak to people in an angry way,




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