1) When is Tom _____________ home from Ireland? a) turning into b) coming back c) getting by 2) I'm going to __________ early to avoid the traffic. a) set off b) keep on c) get by 3) The phone rang and I ___________. a) picked it up b) found it out c) put it off 4) I ___________ a few words of Greek when I was there last year. a) chilled out b) went up c) picked up 5) What time do we ___________ tomorrow? a) get by b) look around c) set off 6) They set ____ amazing decorations for the photo zone. a) off b) on c) up 7) If you don't know the address of the hotel, you can _____________ on the internet. a) get it by b) find it out c) pick it up 8) I'm just _________ in front of the TV today. a) keeping on b) chilling out c) looking around 9) She has just _____________ some suprising news. a) turned into b) found out c) picked up 10) I enjoy hanging ______ with my friends. a) out b) on c) off 11) We like to dress ____ for our parties. a) on b) in c) up

Unit 4 - Phrasal Verbs (Eyes Open 3 Units 1-4)



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