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1) able to express thoughts and feelings easily and clearly a) rambling b) reserved c) inhibited d) articulate 2) clear and easy to understand a) persuasive b) responsive c) articulate d) coherent 3) able to express ideas well a) inhibited b) persuasive c) eloquent d) articulate 4) not confident enough to say or do what you want a) articulate b) rambling c) coherent d) inhibited 5) good at influencing people a) persuasive b) succinct c) eloquent d) inhibited 6) talking in a confused way a) rambling b) persuasive c) articulate d) eloquent 7) short and clear a) persuasive b) inhibited c) succinct d) articulate 8) doesn't want to speak a) responsive b) rambling c) coherent d) reserved 9) reacting in a positive way a) eloquent b) responsive c) articulate d) persuasive



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