1) It ... a difficult day. a) has been b) have been c) has been being 2) Nick, have you .... to me? a) listened b) been listening 3) Peter ... back from London. a) hasn't come b) have come c) hasn't been coming 4) She ... for 2 hours, so she needs a rest. a) has sung b) have singed c) has been singing d) has sang 5) Has Sam ... my pen again? a) taken b) took c) been taking 6) Louise ... the same book for 2 months already! a) has read b) has been reading c) is reading 7) The match ... and Liverpool are champions! a) has finished b) has being finished c) has been finishing 8) I ... about you all day! a) have thought b) have been thinking 9) He ... what to do. a) hasn't understood b) hasn't been understanding

Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continous



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