1) ... do you spell your name? a) What b) How c) How old 2) ... is her address? a) When b) How often c) What 3) ... lessons do you have on Wednesday? a) How much b) How many c) Where 4) ... is your ruler? a) How b) How long c) Who 5) ... is a printer? a) Who b) Where  c) When 6) ... is the bag? a) How many b) How much c) What time 7) ... does she change her password every week? a) Which b) Who c) Why 8) .....goes to school in the afternoon? a) Who b) Why c) When 9) .... rubber is it? a) Whose b) What date c) Who 10) ...colour do you like best - red or black? a) Which b) What c) Where 11) ...does he do his homework? a) What b) Who c) When 12) ...do you go skiing in winter? a) Which b) How often c) Whose 13) ...is German flag? a) How many b) What colour c) How often 14) ...is it from Russia? a) How heavy b) How old c) How far  15) ...is your aunt? a) How old b) What date c) How many



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