1) You don't need equipment for this sport - only run and jump over different street objects. a) skateboarding b) abseiling c) parkour d) BMX-ing 2) You shouldn't be afraid of deep water because you will spend much time underwater with a mask and tube. a) Parkour b) Zorbing c) Blobbing d) Scuba diving 3) It will be a lot of fun, only if you are ready to roll in a huge transparent ball. a) Barefooting b) Zorbing c) Blobbing d) XPOGO 4) Are you brave enough to jump from height onto a big bubble full of water? a) Blobbing b) Half-pipe c) Parkour d) Surfing 5) Again water - but now you have a paddle to help you) and a brave team to back you up) a) Surfing b) Wakeboarding c) White Water Rafting d) Scuba diving 6) A lot more extreme than usual skateboarding. You are now not in the street, but high in the mountains. a) Mountaineering b) Mountain Biking c) Abseiling d) Mountain Boarding 7) Imagine you are flying on a giant paper airplane, without any engine.. How does it feel, huh? a) Paragliding b) Hang Gliding c) Free Climbing d) Sky Diving 8) Okay, now you have a propeller and some kind of a parachute. How do you call this sport? a) Paragliding b) Abseiling c) Hang Gliding d) Blobbing 9) Imagine you are walking in the air. Nothing around you, only a thin rope under your feet. a) Free Climbing b) Highlining c) Cliff diving d) XPOGO

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