1) Stop shouting....me! a) to b) on c) at 2) What are you laughing ...? a) on b) at c) to 3) Could I speak...Mr Davis, please? a) with b) - c) to 4) She hasn't written...me recently. a) for b) to c) with 5) I was invited ... Jim's birthday party. a) at b) on c) to 6) Come on! Throw that ball....the dog! a) to b) at c) on 7) You should ask your accountant ... some financial advice. a) - b) for c) on 8) Let me describe ... you how it happened. a) at b) - c) to 9) We were discussing .... the communicative approach at the meeting. a) - b) about c) on 10) Don't worry about me. I can take care ... myself. a) about b) of c) to 11) I don't really care .... what other people say. a) - b) of c) about 12) I waited...her outside while she went in to see the doctor. a) for b) - c) of 13) I've applied ... a new job with the local newspaper. a) to b) in c) for 14) Would you care .. a cup of tea? a) of b) about c) for 15) I'm looking .... Jim. Have you seen him? a) after b) at c) for 16) She keeps dreaming ... marrying a millionaire.  a) of b) about c) on 17) I've heard a lot ... you from my sister and am glad to meet you. a) of b) from c) about 18) What do you think ... the new manager? a) about b) - c) of 19) Your hair and eyes remind me ... your mother. a) about b) of c) on 20) It still upsets him when he thinks ... the accident. a) on b) of c) about 21) She's been complaining ... a bad back recently. a) to b) of c) from 22) He's been accused ... robbery. a) of b) for c) on 23) She'll never forgive me ... what I've done. a) - b) for c) on 24) She's been suffering ... cancer for two years. a) from b) with c) on 25) I was congratulating Sarah ... winning her race. a) on b) with c) for 26) The job provides me enough to live .... . a) with b) on c) for 27) I bumped ... Jane when I was walking down the hall. a) to b) into c) on 28) He tried to avoid colliding ... another car. a) in b) with c) to 29) I filled the bucket ... water as I was going to wash the floor. a) of b) in c) with 30) I don't understand why you insist ... talking about it. a) on b) with c) to

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