1) This is ... a) Westminster Abbey b) Buckingham Palace c) Big Ben 2) The flag at Buckingham Palace is up. That means ... a) the queen is home b) the weather is windy c) todays is the holiday 3) London is on river ... a) Volga b) Dunay c) Thames 4) London is the capital of ... a) Scotland b) Great Britain c) Spain 5) The capital of Russia is... a) Saint Petersburg b) Moscow c) Yekaterinburg 6) The capital of Spain is... a) Barcelona b) Athen c) Madrid 7) The capital of Germany is... a) Berlin b) Bonn c) Bern 8) The capital of Austria is... a) Salzburg b) Vienna c) Vaduz 9) The London Eye is .. a) the biggest in the world wheel b) the name of a palace c) the nam of London tower



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