What sort of fruit will be found in Russia?, What is your idea of a perfect weekend?, Which museum is your favourite or what museum would you like to visit?, What extreme sports would you like to try, if any, and why?, Do you think it’s important to record family history?, What kind of support do you get from your family?, What interesting hobbies do Russians have?, Have you ever been to a summer camp and what’s your attitude towards these camps?, Do you agree that it is better to read a book before watching the film based on it?, How often do your teachers ask you to make projects in different subjects?, What's your idea of a good school uniform?, Was home education typical for all kids under 10 in Russia in the 19th century?, Would you like to study in a boarding school like Pushkin’s Lyceum?, How much time do you and your friends spend reading daily?, Have you noticed any recent changes in your city? What are they?.



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