Which professions are the most trusted by public? Do you think public trust has changed over the years? What has made people trust less / more? , Speak about names. Do you think certain names are associated with success? Are there any names that are difficult to pronounce for foreigners? What do you think about changing names through life? , Describe the worse and the best place you've ever been to. What problems might a tourist face in this country? What problems connected with urban living can you think of? , Is prison an effective deterrent against crime? Why / Why not? Can the public do anything to reduce crime? , Why do people keep secrets? Who would you talk to if you wanted to tell someone your innermost thoughts? Who you wouldn't?, What do you hope for your own future? What are some major changes the world will see in future? , What would you do if you were stranded on an island? Would you try to raise an alarm or make a break for it yourself? , Are there any things you can't live without? Can you think of any timesavers? Do you have any lifehacks how to manage your time? , Supposing you were asked to act in a soap opera. Under what conditions would you accept? , Do you think travel can broaden your mind? What could make your life considerably better? .

Speakout Advanced End of Year Speaking




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