When you're feeling down, do you prefer happy music to ____ you ____ or do you prefer sad music to match your mood? I don't do anything special at the weekends, I just ____ ____ with my friends. I don't ____ ____ going out. Why don't we ____ ____ and watch a film? She was really upset when her dog died. It took her ages to ____ ____ it. The art teacher really ____ us ____ when he lost our work. I think he ____ guilty about it because he ____ ____ for it by taking us to the museum of animation. With his parents working in war zones, Mike was ____ ____ by his grandparents. Mike ____ ____ to his grandfather, who taught him how to survive in the wilderness. He emphasised the importance of ____ up to your fears. However, Mike ____ ____ his grandmother more. They have similar attitudes and a similar sense of humour. I wouldn't get bored, but I don't think I could ____ ____ ____ the loneliness of living on my own island. I'm ____ ____ with wearing a mask all the time. We need a vaccine now!

B2 Phrasal verbs - feelings and relationships 4



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