1) When is Thanksgiving celebrated in the USA? a) last Tuesday in November b) last Thursday in November c) last Friday in November 2) What is Thanksgiving? a) a winter celebration b) a holiday like Christmas c) a harvest holiday 3) Where did the pilgrims come from?  a) Dennmark b) England c) Germany 4) Name of the native people in the area.  a) Gila b) Sioux c) Wampanoag 5) What did Squanto teach the settlers? a) cut trees down b) grow corn and potatoes c) grow corn and catch fish 6) The first Thanksgiving was in a) 1621 b) 1623 c) 1863 7) On Thanksgiving schools and offices are a) open b) closed c) ready to receive guests. 8) On Thanksgiving Day people invite their relatives and friends for dinner to say they are thankful for a) their presents. b) this year. c) their help.

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