1) You're at work. You need to ask your manager a question. You go into her office, and she says, 'hold on a minute.' She wants you to: a) Come back later. b) Tell her what you want. c) Go away. d) Wait a minute. 2) Choose the phrase with the same meaning: "We might as well stay a little longer". a) I really want to stay longer. b) I don't want to stay any longer. c) Why not stay a little longer? d) I might not stay longer. 3) Choose the phrase with the same meaning: "How did you find it?" a) What did you think of it? b) How did you locate it? c) What did you like about it? d) How did you get there? 4) Your friend says, "I can't come to your wedding." You say: a) How? b) How why? c) How what? d) How come? 5) Choose the phrase with the same meaning: "What have you been up to?" a) What's new? b) What have you been doing recently? c) How are you these days? d) What are you doing? 6) Your friends says, "I'll let you know in a bit." When should you expect to hear from your friend? a) Soon. b) Much later. c) Never. d) In the next few minutes. 7) Your friend asks, "What's the difference between a fermion and boson?" You say: a) Donno. b) Dunno. c) Donnu. d) Dunna. 8) Choose the phrase with the same meaning: "What do you reckon?" a) When will it be ready? b) Will you do it? c) Why do you think so? d) What's your opinion?



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