____ the bad weather, there was a large crowd at the match. ____ he worked very hard, he didn’t manage to pass the exam. ____ the fact that he was sick, he attended the lecture. I thought it was very ____. Tom is really clever, ____ his sister. It's ____ him to be quiet - was there something wrong? I'm still pleased with the house ____ all the problems we've had. He still smokes, ____ of all the health warnings. I was good at almost every subject imn thr primary school without having to do much more tha other child, and ____ I was called 'swot'. We're not going to get there in time, ____ fast we drive. He had always been a successful businessman. ____, things have not been going well for him recently. There were twenty people there ____. You should leave my house. ____, I will call the police. It is a cheap and, ____, effective way of dealing with the problem. The policeman fell asleep, ____ allowing the murder to escape. I know much about medicine, ____ I suggest you should take these tablets. He stole my money, ____ he must be punished. She speaks Italian and ____ a little French. Tell the waiter ____ you want ice-cream or a chocolate cake. ____ you eat soup, I'll give you some sweets. Advise us ____ the musem is open.

EGE Tasks 32-38 (confusing words) different



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