1) Space Shuttle Atlantis Atlantis is a real space ____ – but it isn’t flying to the moon, it’s here, at the Space Centre! You can walk around Atlantis, then watch it on a big ____. Look! It’s taking astronauts to the International Space ____! 2) Shuttle Launch Experience Do you want to be an astronaut? No problem! Imagine you’re ____ astronaut and travel into ____ on this amazing simulator. You can see planet ____ from space too. It’s great! 3) The Rocket GardenIt’s a garden but there aren’t any ____. There are very big ____! You can sit in some of the rockets, but be ____! They are very small inside. 4) Astronaut Encounter Do you want to know more about space? Come and talk to a real ____. You can take a selfie with your space ____ too! Then after your visit, you can try a space ____ at the Moon Rock Café. They’re delicious!

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