I can`t fly. I wish I _______ fly like a bird., My pockets are empty . I wish I ________ some money., I don`t like my age. I wish I ________ young again., I hate wet weather. I wish it ________ hot., He doesn`t understand me! If only he ___________ me., I don`t have a puppy. I wish I ..., She isn’t old enough to travel alone. She wishes she ..., I don’t have a lot of friends. I wish I ..., I can’t relax. If only I ..., My ears are so big. If only my ears ..., People don’t talk to me. I wish people ..., I don`t know the answer. If only I ....., I don’t feel better today. I wish I ..., I miss my friends. I wish my friends .... with me., It’s crowded here. I wish there .... so many people., It`s a pity that I live in a small town. I wish I ...., I`m bad at sports. I wish I ..., I share my room with my brother. I wish I ..., I hate my job. I wish I ..., I`m sorry I can`t help you now. If only I ....

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