1) What ___ after school today? a) do you do b) do you doing c) are you doing d) are you do 2) Today I ___ my mates at the skate park. a) meeting b) am meeting c) meets d) am meet 3) ___ want to come with me to the cinema? a) Is you b) Are you c) Does you d) Do you 4) Look! It ___ right now! Take an umbrella. a) is raining b) rains c) is rain d) rainy 5) I ___ in supernatural, but I like reading stories about ghosts. a) doesn't believe b) don't believe c) am not believe d) am not believing 6) At the weekends we usually ___ our younger siblings at home. a) looking after b) look after c) are looking after d) is looking after 7) I ___ to the dentist twice a year. a) go b) goes c) am go d) am going 8) My sister ___ the day after tomorrow. a) is getting married b) is get married c) gets married d) get married 9) You ___ take the test every month, but you can do it. a) aren't having o b) aren't have to c) doesn't have to d) don't have to 10) My grandfather always ___ sweets for all his grandchildren at Christmas. a) buy b) buys c) is buying d) is buy

1B_Present Simple or Present Continuous




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