1) This film is very _______________ a) boring b) bored 2) My phone isn't working. I'm very ___________ a) boring b) bored 3) I don't like this boy. He is _____________ a) annoying b) annoyed 4) Stop singing that stupid song! I'm so _______________! a) annoying b) annoyed 5) We had 6 lessons today! I'm very ________________ a) tiring b) tired 6) This grammar is very difficult. The lesson was very ______________ a) tiring b) tired 7) His dog always barks! It's so ______________ a) irritating b) irritated 8) Don't talk to her now! Her homework is difficult, and she is very ______________ a) irritating b) irritated 9) I'm very _______________ about that exam! a) worrying b) worried 10) This news is very ___________. a) worrying b) worried 11) It's Christmas tomorrow! I'm so ____________ a) exciting b) excited 12) This game is so ______________, I'm winning! a) exciting b) excited 13) This horror film is _______________ a) frightening b) frightened 14) We were ______________ by that horrible storm! a) frightening b) frightened 15) A bath is very __________________ a) relaxing b) relaxed 16) I feel very ____________ at the beach a) relaxing b) relaxed



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