Forests are ____ half of the world’s animals and plants. Trees clean the air and produce ____ We destroy more than 36 football ____ every minute and throw away thousands of trees in ____every day. The oceans are home to millions of ____ animals. They absorb ____, transfer it to ____and move it around the world. A lot of ____pollutes the oceans. Turtles mistake plastic bags ____ and die when they eat them. At opposite ends of the world, the Arctic and Antarctic are ____ lands. It is so cold that the sea ____in ice. The fuel ____ makes the climate warmer. As it gets warmer, the ice melts and ____. The land disappears. Rivers ____ and carry it to the oceans. Along the way, plants ____so it is safe for us to drink. Farms and factories pollute the rivers ____and every day we each flush about 50 litres of water ____.

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