achieve, adventure, ambition, arrogant, avoid, bronze, cave, challenge, charity, classical, claustrophobia, clever, confident, creative, cultural, determined, disabled, dishonest, elderly, encourage, environment, expedition, fancy, fond of, frozen, generous, gentle, gymnastics, hard-working, hide, hiking, housework, ignore, impatient, kayaking, kind, lazy, look forward to, mean, modest, nasty, nervous, opportunity, outgoing, passionate, personality, podcasting, polite, practical, pretend, pretty, quiet, rebellious, refuse, rock-climbing, rollercoaster, rude, scary, sensitive, serious, shy, skill, social, spare, can't stand, strong, talkative, tenderness, tolerant, underground, unfriendly, weak, background, brave, chat, claw, dearest, ferret, forbidden, foreground, hobbies, lonely, shed, striped, surf the Net, unkind, untidy, dispair, pour, decisive, energetic, greedy, laid-back, likeable, moody, selfish, sociable, stubborn, fortnight, the day after tomorrow.



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