When did you last have a quiet Friday night at home? - MEGAN: I haven't had one since I was a teenager! I'm out every night at the weekend. ANDY: A few days ago! We prefer to go out on Saturday nights., How often do you have people round for dinner? - MEGAN: Never. But last month I ate out with friends at least five times. KAREN: About once a month. My husband always cooks. This weekend we're visiting friends for dinner., How many gigs have you been to in the last month? - MEGAN: I've been to several. I'm really looking forward to seeing my best friend's new band on Friday. ANDY: None. We all went to a festival in the summer but I hardly go to them these days., What do you do on Sunday mornings? - MEGAN: Sleep! I'm never out of bed before 11. KAREN: The children are up by seven every day so we never have lie-ins! We usually go swimming., Who phones you the most at weekends? - MEGAN: My best friend, Jenny. She calls and texts me a lot at the weekends. KAREN: Andy's mum. She calls on Saturdays and Sundays to talk to the children. She lives in Brazil so we don't see her very often. She's getting a computer soon so we'll be able to chat online.,



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