1) Sound is energy ... a) we can see. b) we can hear. c) we can taste. 2) Sounds are produced when ... a) objects vibrate. b) something is hit, plucked or twanged. c) both answers are correct. 3) Sound energy moves as a) sound lines b) sound waves c) sound peaks 4) Sound waves move a) in straight lines. b) frontwards. c) in all directions 5) Sound waves can travel... a) through solids. b) through liquids c) through gases d) all are correct. 6) Sound waves cannot travel... a)  in space. b) in the deep ocean. c) in the desert. 7) Sound waves travel faster through... a) solids b) liquids c) gas 8) Loud sounds have more energy and its sound waves a) travel a short distance. b) travel farther.  9) Soft sound move ...... particles than loud sounds and fade over distance.  a) more b) fewer 10) The buzzing of a bee cannot be heard at a far distance because a) it is loud and has more energy. b) it is soft and loses its energy.



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