Meg sleeps only 5 hours a day. If she slept longer, her health _____ (improve) fast., If you need help, my father ______ (help) you., He will lose weight if he _____ (stop) eating so much., You would make a fortune if you _______ (take) my advice. , He _____ (not/phone) me here unless it was urgent., If he catches a bus now, he ______ (arrive) at half past nine., What would you do if you _____ (see) a big hairy spider in your bed?, If I _____ (live) not far from you, we could walk to school together., If you _____ (not/eat) now, you will be hungry later., If she ______ (not/pay) this bill today, she will run out of water tomorrow., If you break a mirror, seven years of bad luck _______ (follow)., Would you explore a desert island if you _______ (be) alone on it?, If the first butterfly you see in the year is white, you ______ (have) good luck all year., If you stopped studying English, _______ your life? (change), Which year would you go to if you ______ (can) travel backwards in time?.

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