1) They ____ English at school. a) studyed b) studied 2) ______ the film? a) Did you like b) liked you 3) He ______ late yesterday. a) doesn't work b) didn't work 4) What time _______? a) did they arrive b) did they arrived 5) I ____ to the USA last year. a) was b) went 6) What time did you ______ this morning? a) get up b) got up 7) I ______ the homework last night. a) didn't b) didn't do 8) We _____ lunch at a great restaurant on Sunday. a) haved b) had 9) Where _____ on holiday? a) did you go b) you did go 10) A: ______ the film good? B: Yes, fantastic. a) Did b) Was 11) I liked the jacket, but I _______ it. a) didn't buy b) didn't bought 12) What time ______ to bed last night? a) did you went b) did you go 13) Alice _____ to Dublin last month. a) goes b) went 14) Maria _____ to class yesterday. a) didn't come b) didn't came 15) What time....? a) finished the concert b) did the concert finish

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