1) Mr Porter’s work is not ready. (finish), 2) Julia doesn’t know what New York is like. (be), 3) Mrs Johnson’s plants are dry. (water), 4) I don’t know if Peter is at school today. (see), 5) The paint on the walls in Paul’s bedroom is old and dark. (paint), 6) Polly’s cups and plates are unwashed. (wash), 7) Jerry hasn’t seen the news on television today. (watch), 8) Mary and I are thinking about what film to see. (decide), 9) Most of us don’t know how to play baseball. (play), 10) Jim doesn’t know what the job of a journalist is like. (work as), 11) I’d like to know if the “Star” is a good hotel. (stay), 12) Samantha can’t teach you to make chocolate pudding. (cook).

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