She set her sights on becoming the first woman president of the United States - To decide on a goal that you have to achieve or something you want to have, The question is, will the president change his tune on taxes? - to change your opinion completely especially because you know it will bring you an advantage., His behavior was clearly at odds with what the college expects from its students. - to be in disagreement, She found lipstick on his shirts - the telltale sign that he was having an affair/ A new blood test could allow doctors to spot telltale signs of cancer long before it shows up as a tumor - it gives away information, often about something bad that would otherwise not be noticed, She made a brief foray into acting before becoming a teacher/ He is about to make his first foray into the music business. - a short attempt at doing a particular job or activity, especially one that is very different from what you usually do., Travelers can move through the country without hindrance. / The country's poor infrastructure is a major hindrance to importers. - something that makes it more difficult for you to do something or for you to develop. , The show gained momentum over the next few months and became a huge hit. - the ability to keep increasing, developing, or being more successful. , The audience was enthralled for two hours by sparkling, dramatic performance. / Concert goers were enthralled by the band's setlist. - You enjoy it and give it your complete attention and interest, By no stretch of the imagination could Sue ever be called selfish. / Her father was not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. - You use this phrase to emphasize that something is completely untrue or absolutely impossible, As an economist, she was able to shed some light on the problem/ The police said they wanted to talk to someone who might be able to shed/cast/throw (some) light on what happened.  - When you provide an explanation for sth that happened or information that makes it easier to understand. ,




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