1) Scotland is a country to the ... of England. a) south b) north 2) The population of Scotland is about ... a) 6 million. b) 16 million. c) 60 million. 3) The capital of Scotland is ... a) Belfast. b) Edinburgh. c) Glasgow. 4) Scottish people are called ... a) Scotch. b) Scottlanders. c) Scots. 5) 'Gaelic' is ... a) a dish. b) a language. c) a lake. 6) Ben Nevis is... a) a city. b) a river. c) a mountain. 7) Loch Ness is ... which is famous for a monster called Nessie. a) a pond b) a lake c) a cave 8) 'A kilt' is a kind of ... a) dish. b) horse. c) skirt. 9) To make a kilt you need 6m of... a) tartan. b) sausages. c) rope. 10) Different families called ... have different tartans. a) clans b) tribes c) gangs 11) The ' Highland Games' is a festival with sports, dancing and music competitions, held every year in the Highlands, an area... a) in the south of Scotland. b) in the north of Scotland. 12) Contestants dance and play... a) the guitar. b) the harp. c) the bagpipes. 13) Scotland is the home of ... which started there over 600 years ago. a) golf b) cricket c) rugby 14) Aberdeen and Glasgow are the names of ... a) towns. b) rivers. c) lakes. 15) Skye and Arran are the names of... a) mountains. b) islands. c) towns. 16) Alexander Graham Bell, a famous Scot ,made ... a) the first telephone. b) the first computer. c) the first television. 17) A famous Scot, John Logie Baird invented... a) the first computer. b) the television. c) the first bank card.



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