an artist - This person paints or draws., a builder - This person builds new houses, hotel, shops., a chef - This person cooks delicious food., a pilot - This person flies planes and takes people to other countries. , a farmer - This person grows vegetables and raises cows, chickens and other animals., a nurse - This person works in a hospital and looks after sick people., an office worker - This person works in an office. He / she usually does paper work. , a vet - This person looks after sick animals and helps them., a singer - This person sings songs in a band. , a bus driver - This person drives around town and takes people to different places., a teacher - This person works at school. He or she teaches students. , a shop assistant - This person works in a shop and helps to choose things. , a footballer - This person plays a popular sport and scores goals. ,

В настоящее время мы работаем над улучшением Анаграмма. Пожалуйста, помогите нам, предложив свой отзыв.

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