1) My father is ... of all. a) tall b) taller c) the tallest 2) Mike is ... boy in class. a) the cleverest b) cleverer c) clever 3) Your bag is ... than mine. a) big b) the biggest c) bigger 4) He is ... in our team (команда). a) the short b) the shorter c) the shortest 5) I've got a 5! It's ... mark (оценка)! a) the goodest b) the best c) good 6) She is ... girl in class! a) a beautiful b) the most beautiful c) more beautiful 7) My puppy is ill. It's ... thing of my life. a) worse b) the worst c) the baddest 8) The Harry Potter book is ... than the Robin Hood book. a) interesting b) most interesting c) more interesting 9) My hair is ... than yours. a) longer b) longest c) the longest 10) I'm 9, but my brother is 7. He is ... . a) young b) the most young c) younger




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