1. The sky was low and constantly shifting as different layers of grey and black cloud were dragged around by ____ winds. 2. Her best performance ____ was her third place at the World Junior Championships. 3. She engages in friendly ____ with her customers. 4. The plane landed without ____. 5. In spite of some technical ____, the first program was a success. 6. The stolen car was found in the ____ of the station. 7. He tried to ____ me that my mother would be okay. 8. A thick ____ of dust lay on the furniture. 9. They tell the most ____ stories about him. 10. Someone at the plant has to be ready to deal with equipment ____ at any time. 11. ____ the fish with lemon juice and herbs. 12. Majorca was ____ for its springtime almond blossom, Fernando had told her.

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