the whole series - all the episodes, the trainees weren’t very successful - almost everything went wrong, very nervous - quite terrified, with no real background in service - without any previous experience of restaurants, tried to convert them into great waiters - ... make them professionals, customers waited ages for their food and got the wrong orders - the trainees didn’t bring orders for a long time and confused dishes, they all had improved enormously - ... got better, the trainees gained massively (in) confidence - became a lot more self-confident, they learned to handle really demanding situations - ... to deal with something that needs a lot of time or attention, a moment that really boosted her confidence - ... improved her self-esteem, they did superbly well - ... showed very good performance, he used to be in trouble with the law - ... experienced problems with the legal system, to award a scholarship - to give money to pay for a person's education, it made great television - it was a success as a programme,

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