1) A young father was very proud of his little son. He __________ a visitor how the little boy, not two years old, knew the different animals in his picture book. a) tells b) told c) was telling d) was told 2) “He _________ be a great scientist! a) will go to b) is going to c) goes d) is going 3) Here, let ________ show you.” a) I b) mine c) my d) me 4) And the proud father ______ a book about animals from the book-shelf, place Bobby on a chair, opened the book and showed him a picture of a giraffe. a) took b) was taken c) taked d) were taking 5) - “What’s that, Bobby?” - “Horsey,” said Bobby. Next he _________ the little boy a tiger and Bobby said. “Kitty”. a) was showing b) showed c) shown d) has shown 6) Then the father showed _______ a picture of a lion and Bobby said. “Doggy.” a) his b) him c) it d) its 7) But when the little boy saw the picture of a big monkey, he cried ________, “Daddy!” a) happily b) happy c) happier d) happiliest

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