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Let`s drive down to the ____ and stop at the beach. Davis needs to ____ from city life and go on holiday. Look at this ____ view of the city. ____ should walk on the pavement to stay safe. Do you want to check ____ down the new sports centre? A good ____ always obeys the law. Sally ____ a video game now. The train is going ____ the tunnel. Do alligators ____ in the swamp? The woman is getting ____ of the taxi. Ted ____ to become a police officer. Be careful! There`s a car coming ____ us. This is ____ building in the city. You ____ drop litter. It`s against the law. Fred ____ goes skating. He doesn`t like it. Athens isn`t as ____ as London. ____ I use your phone, please? Is Peter ____ for a new flat? You ____ look both ways before you cross theroad Today is colder ____ yesterday. We ____ go to school tomorrow. It's a holiday



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