1. ____ people think about themselves and not about other people. 2. A ____ person always wants to win. 3. ____ children behave badly because they are given everything they want. 4. An ____ person gets angry quickly and likes fighting and arguing. 5. ____ people have an attractive personality and make people like them. 6. A ____ person has common sense and is practical. 7. A ____ person is friendly and enjoys being with other people. 8. ____ people are often worried or stressed. 9. A ____ person is happy one minute and sad the next, and is often bad-tempered. 10. ____ people like doing things on their own, without help. 11. A ____ person likes giving orders to other people. 12. An ____ person shows that they love or like people very much. 13. A ____ person thinks that someone likes another person more than them, or wants what other people have. 14. A ____ person can be easily hurt or offended. 15. An ____ person wants to be successful in life. 16. A ____ person is someone who you can trust or depend on. 17. A ____ person doesn't like obeying the rules. 18. A ____ person never changes his or her opinion or attitude about something.



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