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Who ________you ________after?, What's the last thing you ___________off?, ________you ever ________ part in a competition? , When was the last time you___________ on a diet? What did you eat?, ________ you ________on with your colleagues? , When ________you usually ________housework? , __________ you ever _________ anyone a favour? What was it?, _______yoy often ________ out for a drink? What's your favourite place?, When was the last time you _________ a taxi? Where did you go? , Do you like _________ for a walk? What's your favourite place? , _________you ever ________ a research? , _________ you ___________ up any new hobby recently? What is it? , ________ you _________ well in studies?, ______ you like ____________ the washing up?, Who _______ the laundry in your family?, Whose idea did you _______ with?, Why are you sad? ______ things _________ badly at work?.



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