I am an animal. I like eating ____ and drinking water. I have a big head and a long ____. I stand on my four long ____. There is brown hair on my body. People live in a big ____ next to me. In their ____, there are trees and flowers. The ____ in the family like riding me. What am I? I am a horse. I have two windows, four ____ and a door. Children sit on ____ at their desks in me. They open their ____ and read the words in them. They write and draw with ____ and pens in me. But the children don’t play games like ____ in me! The ____ is very nice. She gives the children lessons in me. What an I! I am a classroom. I stand in a ____ and say, “Sit on your ____, please, children”. I write words on the ____ on the wall. I give the children their ____, then they draw pictures with them. In the afternoon, I read the children a good ____. At the end of lessons, I open the ____ of the room and say “Goodbye.”What am I! I am a teacher!



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