I 'm going to _____ for the job I saw in the paper., I 'm in ________ of the sales department., We _____ training course twice a year., My friend Jackie wirks _____ an Apple., A person who grows flowers and plants is a ____., A ______ cuts your hair., It's what you don't have if you are unemployed., A phrasal verb which means the same as "search for"., My partner work ____, one week at daytime, the other- at nights., If you work more than your normal hours, you ________., A perso who works for himself/ herself is _____., It's the opposite of the permanent job., I work ____ an international company in Berlin., My son is in his second ____ of University., He decided to _____ his own company last year., When people stop working after 60-65 years old - they are _______., A person who is employed is _________..



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