1) everything a company or a person owns that is worth money a) capital b) profit c) assets d) interest 2) the money you need to start a business a) turnover b) capital c) assets d) interest 3) the money companies and people pay to the government a) profit b) taxes c) wholesale d) retail 4) the total sales of a company a) retail b) invoice c) loss d) turnover 5) business that sells products to general public a) capital b) retail c) receipt d) assets 6) business that sells goods to retail stores a) shareholder b) wholesale c) turnover d) taxes 7) the money a bank charges for a loan a) interest b) shareholder c) retail d) receipt 8) when sales are higher than costs you get a) receipt b) shareholder c) retail d) profit 9) when costs are higher than sales the resut is a) taxes b) invoice c) interest d) loss 10) a document that shows you paid for something a) retail b) profit c) loss d) receipt 11) a bill with the list of products delivered to you a) retail b) receipt c) invoice d) taxes 12) a person who bought parts/shares of a company a) shareholder b) loss c) wholesale d) profit

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