The plane arrived ___ Moscow at 8.15, Wait ___ me! I’m coming!, I asked ___ fish but the waiter brought me meat.", My mood depends ____the weather., How much did you pay _____your Iphone?, They invited us ______dinner., What housework do you usually do?, To l___ the table, To do the w__________-up, To p_______ away the toys, The book is bored/boring, It was a very exciting/excited weekend, What’s with Emma? She seems depressed/depressing, Imagine that you are in an airport. What are you doing?, These shoes don’t f___ me., Blue s_____ you! Why don’t you buy this blue skirt?, If you want to take sth back to the shop you need a r_________?, "Are you interested _____Art?, Have you picked ____ the dirty clothes?, I thin John is ___love____ Emma., Make three predictions about the future (use to be going to), Explain the words: Trousers Expiry date Changing room, Say three things you haven’t done yet today, Ask your partner 3 questions about her/his experience. Start with Have you ever…?, Describe somebody in the classroom , Say three things you have done today, Say 5 things you’ve never done but you want to do, What do you usually spend money_____?, Talk about your plans for next holiday (use to be going to), Say three arrangements for next week or the weekend (use present continuous).



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