1) It's dark. I can't see ... . a) something b) anything c) nothing d) nobody 2) Tom lives ... near London. a) something b) anywhere c) nowhere d) somewhere 3) Do you know ... about computers? a) something b) somebody c) anything d) anybody 4) 'Listen!' 'What? I can't hear ... .' a) nothing b) anything c) no one d) something 5) 'What are you doing here?' 'I'm waiting for ... . a) anyone b) anything c) someone d) somewhere 6) 'We need to talk. There's ... I want to tell you. a) something b) nothing c) anything d) somewhere 7) 'Did ... see the accident?' 'No, ... .' a) anybody, nobody b) somebody, nobody c) anybody, somebody d) nobody, somebody 8) We weren't hungry, so we didn't eat ... . a) nowhere b) something c) nothing d) anything 9) 'What's going to happen?' 'I don't know. ... knows.' a) anybody b) nobody c) somebody d) everybody 10) I'm looking for my glasses. I can't find them ... a) anywhere b) anybody c) somewhere d) nowhere



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