1) The sports hall _______________ (not clean) on Wednesdays. a) don't clean b) isn't cleaned c) aren't cleaned 2) What _______________ he _______________ (find) when he opened the door? a) had ... found b) has ... found c) did ... find 3) He _______________ (look for) a job next month. a) is looking for b) is going to look for c) must to look for 4) She _______________ (meet) her new boss last week. a) met b) has met c) had met 5) He _______________ (cook) lunch when we arrived, so we offered to help. a) had cooked b) was cooking c) cooked 6) We left the cinema because we _______________ (see) the film before. a) had seen b) have seen c) saw 7) A Have you heard the news? B No, not __________. a) have b) heard c) yet 8) He’s eaten too _______ cakes, and now he feels ill! a) a lot of b) much c) many 9) Please write __________ me soon, and tell me all your news. a) to b) - c) back 10) I'm not _____ good at languages. I find them difficult. a) quite b) bit c) very 11) Be careful when you jump __________ the swimming pool. a) into b) to c) in 12) Shall we ___________ surfing tomorrow? a) do b) go c) play




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