1) What are Jack-O-Lanterns made from? a) Candy b) Pumpkins c) Oranges 2) What were Jack-O-Lanterns originally made of? a) Tomatoes b) Pumpkins c) Turnips 3) The average American spends how much on candy for Halloween? a) $44.00 b) $10.00 c) $25.00 4) Which day of the year has the most candy sales? a) October 31 b) October 15 c) October 28 5) Which is the top-selling candy for Halloween? a) M&M's b) Candy Corn c) Snickers 6) What does the word Hallow mean? a) Saint b) Spirit c) Spooky 7) How much did the biggest pumpkin weigh? a) 2,624 pounds b) 106 pounds c) 1,355 pounds 8) What colors are most associated with Halloween? a) Orange and Yellow b) Black and Orange c) Orange and Green

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