lab - a place where scientists work; children have chemistry there, library - a place where you borrow books, canteen - a place at school where you have lunch, mathematics - a school subject about numbers and shapes, language - you speak it ; English is a foreign..., headmaster - a person who runs the school, First Aid - a school activity in which you learn how to help people in an emergency situation, literature - books and poems which you read in Croatian ; children in Britain study this in English, sport - football is a team _ _ _ _ _, choir - school activity in which people sing together, boarding school - a kind of school where children learn and live, history - a school subject in which you learn about events in the past, biology - a school subject in which you learn about plants,animals and people, court - a place where you play tennis, swimming - a water sport ; an activity you do at the seaside,

School Subjects, Activities & Facilities ( Dip in 6)



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