Sam is a cautious driver. He always drives slowly. - careful to avoid danger or risks, It wasn't very considerate of you to drink all the milk. - always thinking of what other people need or want and being careful not to upset them, The prisoner was a hard cruel man. - deliberately hurting people or animals, He's so gullible! He really believes that America created covid-19. - too ready to believe what other people tell you, Most of the students I knew at college were serious and industrious. - synonim of hard-working, Don't be so judgemental - maybe he had good reasons to do it. - too quick to criticize people, She was very self-satisfied about getting the promotion. - too pleased with yourself and what you have done, She was shrewd enough to guess who was responsible. - good at judging what people or situations are really like, She's such a spontaneous, lively woman. You never know what to expect of her. - someone who does things without planning them first, They are rich, but they are terribly stingy. - unwilling to spend money, She is untrustworthy, you shouldn't tell her your secrets. - someone who cannot be trusted, He was very vain about his hair and his clothes. - too proud of their good looks, abilities, or position,



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